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Affiliate Software Business has more than 25 years experience and success in the affiliate marketing and affiliate software industry. We started our journey as affiliates in late 1998 driving targeted traffic to our affiliate partners from a handful of SEO focused niche websites.

We developed our first inhouse affiliate software platform in 2001 to enable us to better track and report our marketing activity to provide the necessary data to maximise our return on marketing investment and increase our earnings.

In 2008 we decided to license our affiliate management software to clients and created a website for our business and using our own experience as affiliates we quickly generated new leads and closed sales with clients from around the world across multiple industry verticals.

The feedback from our clients was excellent and our software development and system administrators work tirelessly to continually improve all our software products and services.

With year on year growth in the affiliate marketing industry, Affiliate Software Business continues to grow and our marketing strategy sees us expand further by entering into sales agent agreements with entrepreneurs and sales professionals looking to take advantage of our business products, proven business model and highly profitable lifetime commission revenues.

We provide full training, industry leading software platforms, professional business support, advanced technical services and full business administration. Our business partners have the opportunity to generate long term commission revenues from all new business generated with us taking care of all technical, support and administration services.

Our affiliate software platforms are developed utilizing cutting edge technology, deployed across our robust multi data center hardware infrastructure for use across multiple industries and applications and is supported by a professional team of staff. Our affiliate software platforms are multi lingual and come as standard in English, Swedish, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Simplified Chinese, Suomi, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese languages. Any additional languages can be integrated on request.

Our affiliate software platforms are also multi currency with both back office and affiliate users having the option of operating the account in any chosen currency. Each platform is deployed with the relevant functionality, terminology and features to meet the requirements of each target industry. Our datacentres are officially certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Tier IV. Our staff are GDPR, Data Protection, AML and Cyber Security certified

Affiliate Software Business is still led by the original founders and a professional management team who continue to manage the day to day operations and fully support our sales agent partners.

Affiliate Software Platforms Designed For Multiple Online Industries

Affiliate Software Business

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